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2015, Thank You

It has been an intense year. I explored my limits and breached them.

  • Hiked a mountain
  • Traveled alone
  • Traveled with my friends and family
  • Explored the Philippines more: Cebu, Twice in Coron, Zambales, Cagbalete, Baguio, Tagaytay, Baler
  • Explored Thailand: Koh Lanta and Pattaya
  • Spent another birthday without my family in Bangkok
  • Finally did surfing and will do it again
  • Ran 10K, 16K, and 21K
  • Applied for 2 jobs and failed
  • Worked 2 full time roles in the organization
  • Learned who my real friends are; Spent more time with them
  • Bought a car and named it Baymax
  • First long drive to Liwa
  • Broke someone’s heart
  • Found magic in someone new. 

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