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Temple Hopping in Ayutthaya, Thailand

I spent the whole of last week in Bangkok for work. As it was a work trip, it was certainly hectic and stressful. So when 2 of my colleagues asked if we should get out of Bangkok for the weekend, I was jumping for joy! I’ve always wanted to insert a bit fun and sightseeing when traveling for work.

The night before that Saturday, we weren’t even sure where we’ll go. We had two options: Rayong or Ayutthaya. Rayong is farther from Bangkok, around 2-3 hours drive according to travel sites. Ayutthaya is nearer with only around 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok. So we opted to go to Ayutthaya.

We had no itinerary. We barely even know how to get there and how to get around Ayutthaya’s temples and sights. We decided, well more like we’re forced to, travel without a plan. Before leaving on the morning of Saturday, these are the things we know:

  • We can ride a mini bus in Victory Monument to Ayutthaya
  • The mini bus costs around THB 60 and the travel time is 1.5 hours
  • We will rent a tuktuk in Ayutthaya (without any idea how much it cost)

We left Victory Monument at around 9:00am and we arrived Ayutthaya an hour and a half later. Just upon disembarking the mini bus, a couple of tuktuk drivers approached us and asked if we will rent a tuktuk. A precautionary thought: you can always haggle the price. Being a foreigner, they initially offered us THB400/pax and the tuktuk will take us to 4 temples. We were able to haggle a somewhat different deal: THB 200/hour/tuktuk. Definitely more cheaper given that we’re only 3.

The Weekenders!

(Photos are taken with only my iPhone)

First stop: Wat Yai Chaimongkhon

Reclining Buddha.

In this last photo, you can see the steep stairs that devotees and tourists alike hike. It looks easy and okay from afar but when I was already working my way up, I find it really challenging as the stairs’ landing are uneven and it’s very easy to lose balance.

Second stop: Wat Phra Mahathat

This is very famous for the statue head engulfed by a massive tree. It most definitely looks scary but I got really curious as to what happened.

The temple is very very spacious and houses a lot of ruins, as you can see from the photos below.


Third stop: Wat Lokayasutharam (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)


This is where I got my straw hat for only THB 50. I just couldn’t take the heat anymore! 🙂

Fourth stop: Floating Market

We had our late lunch at the Floating Market. Taking a break from walking under the sun was very very refreshing! We were allowed to feed the fishes in the lake, so we did!


Fifth stop: Wihan Phramongkhon Bophit

It was a long walk going to the temple. We were here at 2:00pm and although the sun’s heat wasn’t too intense, it still prickles the skin.

Here's the view of the beautifully built pavement and how far we had to walk to the temple.
Here’s the view of the beautifully built pavement and how far we had to walk to the temple.

Last stop: Wat Phra Sri Sanphet


We were able to go to all these temples in 5 hours. By night time we were back in Bangkok, drinking beer in Khao San Road and getting a well-deserved foot massage. Overall, I spent around THB 800 including tuktuk rental, van, food and others. THAT IS VERY CHEAP!

This was a day spent well despite that I actually got a tan while walking around the temples under the sun. Good thing I wore a sleeveless romper! 🙂

Til my next adventure! 🙂


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