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Choices, choices, choices!

The past couple of months have been tough mentally and emotionally. From the high of getting accepted into a Masters program at the University of Westminster to the rejection of my scholarship application because of my unimpressive college grades. On top of all of that is my incessant need to overthink while waiting for results. 

So no – I didn’t get a scholarship at the University of Westminster. My dream of studying in the UK has been, for the second time, obliterated (sort of). I had my hopes up and honestly felt confident that I would at least be shortlisted. But no, I didn’t even pass the initial screening. That hurt my confidence and I was so dejected.

My head was out of control for quite sometime but I had to pick myself up eventually and start working on my back-up plans. I quickly got moving and applied to more schools in the UK and also followed up on my application at the University of Potsdam – which was my plan B. 

Thankfully, the Universe isn’t that cruel. I received my admission offer from the University of Sussex in Brighton (UK) and from the University of Potsdam (DE) thereafter. YAAAS! Now, I have to decide what I can afford and where I will go. I’m 90% set on Germany since my partner will also be there.

Here’s the thing…what I set out to pursue at the beginning of the year is not unfolding as I planned. But one thing never changed, I wanted to study my Masters and, rightfully so, my options are here and I only need to pick one. The downside is, I have to put all my half-a-million pesos savings and more into it because I didn’t get any financial grants.

Makes me wonder if I should just use that money to travel the world, be a digital nomad, and an environmental lifestyle blogger. 

It is hard to gamble and trust in the Universe that something good will come out of this major life decision. But I am facing this whole process with full, yet cautious determination.

So now, a choice I never thought I would be fortunate enough to make my whole life:

London or Brighton or Berlin?

Well, we’ll have to wait and see. I have another hurdle to jump through – the dreadful visa application process.

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