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Suitcase Diaries: Tiring red-eye flight to Hong Kong

I just realized that I haven’t written about my Hong Kong trip last December 2014. Just because I’m missing the weather, here it goes!

After a 3 hour flight delay, we arrived in Hong Kong at 3am on December 17. As soon as we deplaned, cold gust of winds embraced our sleepy and groggy bodies as if saying, welcome to Hong Kong bitches!

This has been a much awaited trip for Anna and I. We thought this wouldn’t push through because my uncle just passed and his funeral was on the same day as our flight to Macau. Luckily, there were cheap flights available at Cebu Pacific and we were able to book a new ticket to Hong Kong. We initially planned to fly via Macau and have a Hong Kong side trip. But well, the new plan worked well anyway, so yey!

Photo 12-18-14, 3 05 33 AM

At 3am, Hong Kong International was like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie. It was deserted–very few people, shops were closed, and trains were not operational. We thought we were going to spend the night in the airport because we didn’t have any Hong Kong dollars with us, all our moolahs were still in USD. Thank heavens, there was a forex ATM machine. It was amazing and seriously a life saver for anyone transiting to Hong Kong on such an ungodly hour!

Photo 12-18-14, 3 08 12 AM
Photo 12-18-14, 3 11 19 AM
Photo 12-18-14, 3 24 16 AM

While our first problem is solved, we still didn’t know how to go to our hostel. We only know how to go by train but as it was closed, we were forced to take the bus. Good thing our hostel emailed us a map and we were able to navigate Hong Kong’s bus system. Hong Kong bus system is amazing, it’s easily understandable and you know the estimated time you’re going to arrive in your destination. It’s a far cry from the Philippines’ bus system, but that’s another topic. It was Anna who took the lead and managed to get us to our stop because I was in such a bat shit insane mood (it’s past 3am + 10degrees!!).

Photo 12-18-14, 3 45 26 AM

So anyway, we reached our cozy little hostel courtesy of Airbnb before we froze our asses off. Our tiny abode was called Innsight Hostel located at Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Yes, it was really tiny, just like any other rooms in Hong Kong but it has basic amenities such as hot shower, TV, wifi, drinking water, and even has an airconditioning (which we didn’t use). We were able to snag this for a relatively cheaper price than any of the hotels we looked at. The hostel staff were very accommodating as well since we arrived at around 4am and we found out that they were waiting for us! Oh, and plus points because it’s right across an MRT station.

Photo 12-18-14, 5 08 33 AM

It was an eventful first few hours in Hong Kong and we almost immediately dozed off when we saw the bed! Later that day after recharging our limp bodies, we were out and about exploring the city. We didn’t have an itinerary especially since we just arrived and we decided to take it easy with a stroll down Tsim Sha Tsui–which only meant one thing in my head…shopping!

To be continued: Disneyland!


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