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I’m blogging, again

The global pandemic, adulting, moving, traveling, graduating, being a migrant – life has massively changed since the last blog I wrote in 2017. So, here I am, reviving the blog and writing again! Well, no, I’ve been writing but only privately on a journal that is kept on the bedside table.

It’s 2021, happy very belated New Year!

The motivation for writing has ebbed and flowed, very similar to exercising. There is really no reason for resurrecting this blog from the internet graveyard apart from it being a creative outlet. I am now living in Germany and the hard lockdown has been enforced since early December. It has also been the coldest winter since moving here in 2017. To say “my mind is going crazy” would be a gross understatement.

This space is something to do, to tinker with, and maybe it can quench the restlessness of my mind.

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