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Suitcase Diaries: KenDee in Thailand

This blog post is written by both myself and Ken. 

It all started with…”Ken, go to Thailand with me? I’ll be there in April for work.” She said yes. It was our first out of the country trip together.

Yup, I’m easy. — Ken

For the first time in 3 years, there’s a familiar face whenever I come home to my hotel room and someone who speaks the same language. As I was in Bangkok for work, I went to the office in the morning while she went off exploring Bangkok. We’d have dinner at night on the side streets and I brought her to the usual places I go to.

After 3 days in Bangkok, we flew to Phuket for some beach time.

Waiting for our flight to Phuket!

The initial plan was just Bangkok but Dee made plans to go to Phuket because the beach is one of our staple destinations. We had our cuddly friends Muymuy and Pechay, and two new buddies fresh from Japan, Squirtle and Panday! So now our cute little ragtag gang has grown to four!

Clockwise, from top left — Muymuy, Squirtle, Pechay, Panday

The flight was only 1-2 hours from Bangkok. We stayed at this really cool place called Kata Bai D’ Inn at Kata Beach. And it was cheap too – I think around 1,000 a night through Agoda. It’s a little place that’s clean, comfy and only 5 mins away from the beach.

The inn had a pretty wall filled with messages from travelers who stayed there.
Only love and light. ❤️

When I booked the Phuket flights, I was actually hoping there’d be waves so we can surf while we’re there too. Unfortunately, it was flat all 3 days we were there.

I didn’t really mind the lack of waves, I was just happy to get lost and be wandering in another country with her.

Seeing that Kata Beach was full of people, we decided to rent a motorbike to search for a quiet, secluded beach. We went up north from Kata and checked out Karon Beach, Patong Beach, and Kamala Beach. The search ended when we discovered Kamala Beach. It was a long stretch of white sand beach and it wasn’t chock full of tourists. I’d recommend this place if you want to go to Phuket. We’ll definitely come back and spend more time there.

After a light breakfast, we got ready to head up north!
Somewhere past Patong beach, halfway to Kamala beach.
Fruit shakes, beers, and a nap = happy wanderers!

I’ve ridden motorbikes before but it was my first time having a passenger on a long ride, so I was really scared. It would’ve been fine taking a spill or a minor accident alone, but since I had Dee with me I found myself being extra anxious and careful.

Prior to going to Phuket, we both thought of going island hopping. The islands in Phuket are famous but there was one problem, I’m extremely seasick. Me on boats = disaster. But of course we wouldn’t let the moment pass so on our 2nd day we booked it through our hotel.

We went to Koh Phi Phi (where the famous movie The Beach was shot), Maya Bay, and other islands whose names I can’t recall. It wasn’t our lucky day because when we were about to go snorkeling, the sea was infested with tiny jellyfishes. A couple of the people from other boat were stung.

On our last day in Phuket, we rented a jet ski and took off to the middle of the ocean. It was my first time to drive a jet ski and it was a lot of fun! Check out our cute photos.

First time to drive a jetski!
No waves, no problem!

We had beers and watched the sunset, then headed back to the airport to catch our flight back to Bangkok. After crashing in a hotel (G9 Bangkok Hotel — not bad, but not good either), we had one last day to explore the city before heading back to Manila.

Ken loves dogs and before even coming to Bangkok we saw a Facebook video that features a dog cafe. It’s called True Love Cafe. We were in luck because the cafe is in the Ari neighborhood, where we’re staying, and it was easy to go. The dog cafe has over 20 gorgeous Thai-speaking huskies. Doggie heaven!! The entrance is THB300 and comes with a drink and pastry of your choice.

Yeah I love dogs! So I’m thankful we got to go here despite the heat. Apart from the huskies, they also have some Australian Shepherds, an Akita, and a little cutie pie called Momo (I think she’s a Maltese). They have very specific rules and schedules to make sure the dogs’ welfare are not compromised, which is really cool.

Oh did I mention that it was Ken’s first time in Bangkok? So naturally, I brought her to Chatuchak Market. I think a person should not leave Bangkok without at least checking out Chatuchak Market. Next time, I’ll make her go to the temples.

Our Thailand trip was definitely one for the books. As always with Ken, it was a relaxing and fun trip. We’ll definitely go back. Maybe next time we can catch a wave or two.

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