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Travel Bug is on! Let’s go.

I’ve been reading a lot about Americans and Europeans traveling and going on adventures in Southeast Asia. In contrast, I don’t often see blogs about Asians traveling to that other side of the world. There are quite several well-off and well-known Filipinos who spend their time and money traveling. You know them, the ones who travel in style, first class flights and 5-star hotels.

As much as it’s appealing and enviable, I am more interested in normal people like me who are traveling to these destinations, lives on a budget, and thrives on normal day jobs.

I am from the Philippines, one of the ten Southeast Asian countries that are popular backpacking travel destinations. You may think that it’s cheap to fly 2-4 hours to neighbouring countries and even within the Philippines but not really. It’s still costly and I need to save for it and plan carefully. At least, I don’t have to sit 20 hours on an airplane to get here.

I think, I am grounded by the fact that I’m living in this region and I would have time to visit these places when time and money eventually allows. Seriously, I haven’t even explored my own country’s highly praised beaches and mountains. The Philippines is beautiful and there is so much to see. Same goes with the rest of Asia. One country at a time, right? These days, I find myself daydreaming of those places I see only in postcards and movies — France (Paris!!), Greece, Italy, USA (New York!!), and South Africa.

Something I have to take to heart is explore the Philippines and Asia first! We are a freaking gem and that should be appreciated more by experiencing and going to both offbeat and touristy places.

I think this goes the same for everyone who just wants to escape or take time off work. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and some place exotic. Traveling, for me, is learning something new and experiencing unique adventures wherever your feet brings you.

P.S. Travel buddy wanted 🙂

3 thoughts on “Travel Bug is on! Let’s go.”

  1. Great post. May you conquer all parts of the world! It’s is always fun to travel. Thank your for sharing your travel experiences as well. It really inspires a lot to aspiring travelers. Meanwhile I have recently featured a wanderlust lady on my blog. I guess both of you have been bitten by a travel bug.

    You may check on this blog as well since you mentioned you want to explore the world on a budget. Travel more spend less.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback and recommendations. 🙂 Really hoping to share more travel experiences though, I’ve been finding it hard to squeeze some time to blog.


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