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Welcome to There Dee Goes! I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog! My name is Dee – a Filipina living in Berlin, Germany. Started in 2014, this blog has been a creative space to write about my travels and adventures. It holds bits and pieces of my story. It has been 10 years, I can’t believe it! I haven’t really been consistent in posting but I’m going to try harder.

Moving to Berlin in 2017 has opened wider possibilities for my insatiable need (want?) to travel and explore different places. I grew up in the Philippines where our passports are weak and have to apply for visas to enter most countries. It was never a hindrance but it sure made things harder. It’s a different story now with my permanent residence and drivers license in Germany, traveling has gotten much simpler and easier. Like, what do you mean I can practically go around the EU with a train ride or a 2-hour flight?! That said, I’m very happy to share that I’ve been to 25 countries so far and have no plans of stopping anytime.

This is not a blog where I quit my 9-5 job and traveled the world. Well, at least not yet. This is a space for sharing moments of adventures on long weekends and PTOs, and in between adult responsibilities. Hits of creativity and inspiration usually happen while doing nothing, staring at the ocean, hiking a trail, or driving. So, here we are.

Every now and then, you will glimpse other bits of my life — career, living abroad, mental health, and fitness. Come with me on this journey and I hope you find something interesting or helpful in my posts.


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