6 months into learning German

Seit Dezember 2020 lerne ich Deutsch. Es ist wichtig für mich zu lernen, weil ich hier arbeite und liebe.

The making of a podcast by a bad conversationalist

We want to hold a space for Filipinos to connect and feel a sense of home in this time of the pandemic and maybe inspire those who want to come and live here.

And just like that, I’m 30!

30 was the age I once called and thought of as old. And just a week ago, I became a thirty-year-old.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Happy International Women’s Day! This blog post is dedicated to all amazing women out there. Here are some excellent ways you can celebrate International Women’s Day this year virtually: #ChooseToChallenge

Almost one year of working from home, a reflection

Before the pandemic, working remotely or working from home has always been a grand concept. Waking up, getting off the bed, opening the laptop, and ta-da, it’s the office! The

I’m blogging, again

The global pandemic, adulting, moving, traveling, graduating, being a migrant – life has massively changed since the last blog I wrote in 2017. So, here I am, reviving the blog

Ciao, 2017!

2017 will always be remembered as the year I left my job of 4 years at Greenpeace, moved to Berlin, and pursued my Masters degree. The whole journey has been

I’m moving to Germany (if I get a visa)

This year is all about moving forward, chasing dreams, and learning patience. It is as painful as it is exciting, just like any big change in life. Seriously though, I feel

Choices, choices, choices!

The past couple of months have been tough mentally and emotionally. From the high of getting accepted into a Masters program at the University of Westminster to the rejection of

Fear & Life Goals

This year, it might finally happen. My dream of traveling the world, exploring Europe, and blending in and out of cultures. The nagging tug in my chest is pulling tighter