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There Dee Goes: new blog name

Reintroducing myself and this blog: all about travel, career transition, and life abroad

Moving to Berlin has opened wider possibilities for my insatiable need (want?) to travel and explore different places. I grew up in the Philippines where our passports are weak and have to apply for visas to enter most countries. It was never a hindrance but it sure made things harder. It’s a different story now with my permanent residence and drivers license in Germany, traveling has gotten much simpler and easier. Like, what do you mean I can practically go around the EU with a train ride or a 2-hour flight?!

This is not a blog where I quit my 9-5 job and traveled the world. I value my security a little too much to do that (maybe someday!). This is a space for sharing moments of adventures in between jobs and responsibilities. Hits of creativity and inspiration usually happen while doing nothing, staring at the ocean, hiking a trail, or driving. So, I write, or at least try to.

Full disclosure: I work remote and can work anywhere as long as the internet is decent. Case in point, this post and the decision to start again are coming to you from a hotel in New York.

Along with travel and adventures, there will also be notes about doing other things: transitioning to a career in tech and thriving as an immigrant in Berlin.

I’m not a stellar writer but I hope you find something in engaging here.

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