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This 2024, I’m going on sabbatical and traveling solo for the first time

And I’m terrified. I have never traveled alone that’s not for work and for an extended period of time. My intention for this period is to dive into self-discovery, reflection, and growth. I’m turning 33 this year and will be getting lost in the concrete jungles of Hong Kong, Macau, and South Korea.

I had a typical case of analysis paralysis when deciding where to go. Going everywhere all at once would have been fantastic but my bank account strongly disagrees. The decision came easily after realising that it has been 7 years since I have actually traveled around Asia. That is a freakin’ long time and I miss it so much! Just planning and thinking of being in the continent already brings me an indescribable feeling of comfort.

I thought about going the usual backpacker Southeast Asia route and have decided against it. I chose Hong Kong and South Korea for 2 reasons. One, my cousins live in Hong Kong and I want to see them and have a mini post-birthday celebration there. It would be nice to celebrate with family again after so long. The other reason is the food. I am determined to eat my heart out on this trip! After watching Korean drama TV shows and listening to loads of Korean music, I suddenly developed an obsession with their cuisine. I have also not been to South Korea longer than a 6-hour layover back in 2010 (BTS has not even debuted then!!) so it would be an entirely new experience.

No, I’m not going home to the Philippines. As much as I am feeling homesick, I can’t handle the extra stress and pressure that comes along with it. Maybe I’ll go on Christmas this year.

So… why and how I am going a sabbatical? Simply put, I’m lucky! It’s a work perk in my organisation, after working for 5+ years, I have become eligible to take a paid 3-month sabbatical. It has come at a great time too. Burnout is creeping in and I feel a sense of discontent in life. This would be a moment to breathe, enjoy, and think of what’s next for me.

I’ll try to write about the trip on the blog, so follow me on this journey! ????

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