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2014: A Year of Firsts

Contrary to Facebook’s ‘2014 Has Been A Great Year’ video montage, my year is anything but. The year isn’t exactly bad but rather complicated. For me, 2014 is a year of firsts, changes and breakthroughs. Surely a good must come out of it eventually but I’ve grown weary and exhausted in coping with them. To be completely honest, it feels like a decade has passed and the year is not even over. And I just can’t wait.

The year started out full of good vibes and promise. However, by March, I started doubting the promise of a good year. I spent my birthday for the first time out of the country and working. I know it’s ridiculous and not too much of a big deal for most people. But for 22 years of spending it with my family and friends, I’m in Jakarta getting my ass sore for seating in an all day meeting–not to mention battling intense colds. I probably just made it sound so bad but there are a few highlights to that day like a surprise cake and bouquet of flower delivered to my hotel room, and dinner treat from my boss.


In April, just days before I  go to Boracay for a vacation, gastroenteritis struck me just after eating a burger. Hence, I was confined in Medical City for 3 days. And I sworn off burgers since then. This is a first too, by the way. I have never been confined in a hospital my whole life but I think unhealthy eating and stress took a toll on body. Despite this, along with antibiotics and limited food selections, I pushed through with my trip to the beach.

On Labor Day Weekend, I was too worse for wear by the beach in Boracay. I spent all weekend partying so hard to the point of me lying in the beach’s pristine white sand and barfing, not a clue on how my friend and I got back to the hotel and cleaned up. I know not following doctor’s orders is awful but nonetheless it upped the ante on my level of crazy, fun and drunk. Another first! Anyway, we left before the weekend festivities came to a close since I have a flight to catch to Bangkok. Ever tried getting on 2 consecutive plane rides with a massive hangover? Thank God I got through immigration.


I have this amazing job where I get to travel to Bangkok and Jakarta frequently. This year, I’ve been to Jakarta once and then I lost count on Bangkok trips. I often travel alone which is alright but there are times when I miss my friends. After the craziness in Boracay, I spent 2 weeks in Bangkok and what else to do but go out and explore during weekends. I went Wat Pho and Bangkok Art and Culture Center…and a bit of shopping in Chatuchak Market!


Oh and I joined a fun run while I was in there. Greenpeace organized a Run for Krabi 10k run and I decided to stay for it. Running in another country is ticked off my bucket list, yay!


The first half of the year is marked by constant traveling, 10k fun runs, and 2 weddings. The second half is pretty much the same except for the fun runs. I lost my grip on being healthy and fit.

In August, I attended another wedding in Tagaytay Highlands. I had no intention of attending probably because I wasn’t invited until the last minute. Regardless, I enjoyed the cool breeze and priceless time spent with my relatives who flew in from Paris and Tokyo.


Along with 2 of my colleagues, I spent a day temple hopping in Ayuthaya, Thailand in October. You can also read that post in previous blog.


November won the Most Memorable Month in 2014 award. I joined the Climate Walk from Calbayog, Samar to Tacloban. A week stint filled with a lot of walking and meeting people in communities and towns we pass by. It’s an experience that I will forever treasure in my heart. It is that week when I fully realized that this is the field that I’m passionate about and want to be an expert in. I loved the enthusiasm, passion, energy, and pride of the Climate Walk despite the long walks. It felt great to be part of something bigger than me and contributing to the cause.

Climate Walk 2

Just a day after I got back from Climate Walk, I sought a new adventure and went surfing in Baler. It was the most incredible feeling–being in the sea, waiting for waves and riding them. I loved every moment of it.


December is the Most Depressing Month. My Tito’s passed away on December 13. I will leave it at that. I intend to post a eulogy in the next few days. It is also the month where I went to Hong Kong and Macau for vacation. Will be posting about the escapade soon!

2014, it’s one hell of ride. I can’t wait to end the year tonight and have a fresh clean state for the coming new year.


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