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What I Learned in 2015

Be more intuitive and listen to what your heart says.

Love your work. Love what you do. Know why you are doing the work you do and never forget that.

Love is not something you can fabricate. The length of a relationship does not and should not define your present and future. If you are not happy or in love anymore with the person you have been with for a long, long time, face it, make that decision to break it off, and own it. Don’t stall and prolong because it will kill your soul. It will kill your soul.

Breaking someone else’s heart breaks yours too. The pain is mutual, the heart just does not break even. One hurts more than the other.

Traveling heals the soul. Do it often.

There are decisions you should put off. There are decisions you should just make because your gut says so.

Magic and fireworks exists. Welcome the new person in your life and do everything in your power to hold on to the magic and fireworks and everything in between. Even if that means allowing more space and time before letting things happen.

Trust that there is a perfect timing for everything. Don’t fight it. Hope that everything will be okay in the end.

The Universe listens to your thoughts and wishes. Be careful what you ask for.

People will judge you. People will not ask for an explanation. People will not even ask how you are doing. That is okay. Your thoughts and actions are valid, right or wrong, without their stamp of approval. You are doing everything you can to be okay. That is a battle in itself and that is enough.

Always acknowledge the blessings. Always.

I am a world of my own. I exist for me and not for anybody else. There is still wreckage that needs to be fixed and worked on. It’s okay to heal and love yourself first before everything else.

2015, you have been an emotional rollercoaster. The stress was way beyond me. The happiness was also high up in the air.

2016, I’m ready for you.


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